Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Write Music You Cannot Play

We are all motivated differently, and just as the term "Success" can have different meanings to each of us, so does the internal motivation each of us need to get ourselves going. If we are not satisfied with our lives then we need to try something different. Remember If we keep doing the things we've been doing, the it stands to reason that we will keep getting the same responses which we have been getting also. While I was in college I would write this really cool music and show it to my friends. "Cool" they would say, "you can play this?" "No!" I would exclaim. "but now I've got a goal" What a goal! play your own music. Have you ever had a goal for yourself which you did not have the skills to achieve? I certainly hope so. I once heard a man say that if you reach all your goals then you're not really setting goals are you? So today.... I challenge you. Today lets write music you cannot play. Lets set goals and standards for ourselves which require self determination. Streach yourself and remember, "Failure is only failure if that is the point in which we quit, otherwise the failures we face are just practice for future "Success"!!!!!!! -=-Thanks Scott Rayburn

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