Saturday, July 23, 2011

Character, cant "Play" without it!

This discussion deals with a particular aspect of a person we all must deal with ourselves. Character, its part of self. Good or bad we all have this.

William (Bill) Lear, is an excellent example of good leadership character. Lear had a nack for inventing things, great things. He is credited with the first car radio (The Motorolla), eight track players, and airplane auto pilot just to name a few. Actually over 150 patents in all.

Lear is also inventor of the Lear Jet, I sure we have all heard of the Lear Jet, they are small but very fast. They are also considered one of the very best domestic/commercial planes that money can buy. It wasn't always like this. Early in production of the Lear Jet, two of his planes mysterously crashed. Lear decided to contact all LearJet owners and ground all planes until a fix could be established. This was a highly unpopular move by Lear. This also made his reputation (as a jet builder) highly questionable. However Lear did find the problem and did repair the problem. This tarnished reputation hurt Lear sales in the short term however it bought him respect within that industry. Ask anyone in the Jet industry, Lear is a well respected name.

We need to develope in ourselves that kind of character. A character that says "I will do the right thing..... ALWAYS" This one trait in its self can catapault yourself into unbelieveable success.

Our Character needs to be "The Rock" that wont move. In fact you cant really Play to Win without it.

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