Monday, January 14, 2013

Play to Win "The Book is Here" !!!!

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Sunday, January 13, 2013

Change em Strings

Have you ever been preparing for something (for example your next gig), and have everything accounted for, guitar picks, spare batteries, music stands etc. You know you think you got it all taken care of. Then you make a deliberate decision NOT to change your strings. "They will make it " you say to yourself. Ultimately right in the middle of a great song, (wham) a string breaks. What to do? (See my earlier post on dropped picks and broken strings. ) Actually the broken string is not the real problem. It is only a symptom of the problem.

Improper planning was the real reason for the problem. Oh sure there is a really good chance that this wouldn't happen (in actuality, strings rarely break on gigs). But hey, play with fire and you're going to get burned right?

Plan your work and work your plan. So come on and let's just Play to Win.

P Scott Rayburn

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Broken Strings and Dropped Guitar Picks

Ask any guitarist or any musician that plays a stringed instrument about strings breaking. Strings break! Especially the little ones. I have broken strings at the most UN-opportune moments. However of all the times this misfortune has been bestowed upon me, one rule has always stood firm! THE SHOW MUST GO ON! Any musician who has ever dropped his pick or broken a string on stage can tell you with no hesitation, keep on keeping on.
NBA great and possibly the greatest basketball player of all time, Michael Jordan didn't even make his high school basketball team. President Lincoln had several failed businesses and numerous failed attempts seeking presidential office. “I Love Lucy” star Lucille Ball was told by her acting coach that maybe acting wasn't for her. These are all excellent examples of people who didn't take accept small failures.
Remember that failure is only failure if that is the point where you quit. Quitters never win and winners never quit. Hey, strings break right? The show MUST go on!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Grace, in our daily life

While taking my children to school this morning, my oldest daughter Mikayla interjected, “ oh no! I forgot my math notebook!” I told her maybe it would be ok. Then she informed me “NO, the kids who don’t turn in their work always get in trouble” I then explained to her that sometimes, when we have always tried to do the right things, the teachers will overlook honest mistakes. Mikayla said “isn’t that showing favoritism?” I told her “No, its not favoritism, it’s Grace” I explained to her that grace is when someone gives us something we don’t deserve. Like when God saves us, we are given all his grace. Then all os a sudden, Mikayla said, “oh never mind, here is my notebook under this stuff in the van, I wonder how it got here?” It may have been there all along, or maybe God reached down and put it there for her. Either way “Grace”

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Dont forget the Milk! Planning for Success Part#2

Have you ever went to the local grocer to purchase you groceries without a list? I bet everyone has. Have you ever gotten home only to find that you forgot something you needed? I can tell you I'm guilty. What I do is this; if there are more than three things I need, Write it down. What if its just four items.... sorry got to write it down. This is planning for success in most simple terms. Do I know what I need? You bet I do. Do I still forget, Yep, thats why I write a list.

In the same way, that I need a grocery list, we need a plan for our lives. Let me ask, If you've never experienced your success, how ya gonna know how to get there without a plan? If you've got a plan that isn't written down, how are you going to make sure you follow that plan? So the first step for this principle is "Get A PLAN"

What if part of my plan changes you may ask? ok Change the details, dont change the plan. Why? Its simple for example lets say we have a family budget of $1,000.00 per month. We set aside 500.00 for Mortgage, 200.00 for power, 50.00 for gas and water, 100.00 for clothes, and 150.00 for food. Ok the electricity bill comes in and its 225.00, do we throw out our whole plan? NO!, we adjust our figures in the most reasonable places, maybe we take the 25.00 from the grocery budget...

Ok next... how do I plan? Answer... baby steps. For example if I want to become a doctor.... ok College 4 years, medical school 4 years, Medical boards... you get the picture right. What if its not that simple? Plan for what you know.. the rest will come!

Tony Robbins said "How am I going to live today in order to create the tomorrow I'm committed to?" the answer is "Get A PLAN"

We can be a total succes if 1. We take responsibility for our lives 2. We Decide to Succede 3. We choose success by "GET A PLAN"

What if? Why not?

Sometimes, when you open yourself up to opportunities, ask yourself these two questions, What if...Why not? This is such a simple principle; you would be shocked on the results you might get so easily. This principle says basically that when opportunity arises... just try it What if I...___________(fill in the blank) why not? Sometimes, in order to succeed you only need to lean into the direction of success and the rest will happen automatically. When you open the possibility with "what if", you automatically change your perspective into problem solving mode. This forces you into problem solving mode rather than complaining, griping, whinning. Make yourself be open to opportunities and be willing to grasp any tiny chance that comes your way by solving problems, not focusing on the challenges. You need to be willing to lean into it and see how it unfolds - ie not necessarily seeing the entire pathway set out from the beginning. Often we are afraid to commit or afraid to start etc because we are unsure of the path or because the outcome is uncertain. In the Big White Book, Jack Canfield states "Simply start, then keep taking what feel like logical next steps, and the journey will ultimately take you to where you want to go - or even someplace better." Sometimes this might seem like your driving through the fog and can only see a few feet in front of you, but if you keep on moving forward asking what if and why not, taking one step after another, more of the road will be revealed and soon you will be arriving at your goal! Pick an area of your life - financial, relationships, career, hobby etc - that you would like to explore and Gain Success.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Six Strings Six Things

Six Strings Six Things

Ever notice how some people seem to be able to accomplish anything? I recently read a simple story that illustrates this principle.

Lets say you have this bank account. Each day you are given an amount of money, $25,000. each day what you don't spend, is taken away and replaced with another Twenty Five thousand. This is an example of something we all have, Time. Each day we are given 24 hours, some of us spend this time wisely, some not so wisely.

In earlier discussions we discussed writing down your goals. This step is simply this... Do at LEAST six things daily, which help you reach your goals. This alone can help catapault your endeavors for ultimate success.

Remember Play to Win; Goals, Motivation, Success