Wednesday, July 6, 2011

It's Your Fault

I, You, We, must take responsibility for our lives. What dose that mean you may ask? First lets gain an understanding that you are where you are in life because of YOUR decisions. Let me repeat that, YOU ARE WHERE YOU ARE IN LIFE BECAUSE OF YOUR DECISIONS. With every situation you face in life, your decisions are needed to produce an outcome. It therefore stands to reason, If I made the decision, then I am somehow also responsible for the outcome. 

Do you ever complain about your employer, co-worker, spouse, income, living conditions, weight....etc....? Why, all of these things are directly related to decisions "WE" made. If we make these decisions that affect our current situation, we can make decisions that affect our future. As a matter if fact, we can shape our destiny.

You wouldn't loose your car keys at the mall and look for them in your living room, just because the living room is smaller and easier to search. No you wouldn't. You would look in the mall for them. If you believe that your are responsible for your destiny (Taking responsibility for your life), then you must believe that whatever the situation im in, "IT's MY Fault"!

We can change our destiny. We can live our lives in success. We can succede. Just remember, quit complaining, Make Decisions (Commitments), Your life is your responsibility, ( IT'S YOUR FAULT so Play to Win )

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