About Me.

I have 4 awesome kids. Each one special in their own way.

Mikayla, Our self designated "Bible" reader, keeps the family up to date on moral issues, she is extremely popular, whitty, smart, and fun.

Alex, Our Gifted one, this kid can do anything he sets his mind to do. Sings, dances, plays guitar, great football player, and is even writing a book.

Elissa, Our future doctor, she just recently told us she plans on going to Vanderbilt to college, umm maybe she has got a sense of humor. Elissa is very loyal, smart, a great friend to have, extremely dedicated and did I mention smart?

Jayden, 2 yrs old "Terrible 2's" need I say more right now?

My wife Tonie is an Angel, she is dedicated, smart, whitty, very intelligent, a hard worker, great cook, the list goes on and on. All that I accomplish is a direct result of her support and love.

Me... Im a prepetual learner, love to read motivational/success books. I write..."Play to Win, dynamic strategies for teen success." should be out soon, Play Guitar (Praise and Worship Music Mostly), I write on Success and Management skills mostly, I enjoy comedians and laughing, and I love to eat out.