Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Grace, in our daily life

While taking my children to school this morning, my oldest daughter Mikayla interjected, “ oh no! I forgot my math notebook!” I told her maybe it would be ok. Then she informed me “NO, the kids who don’t turn in their work always get in trouble” I then explained to her that sometimes, when we have always tried to do the right things, the teachers will overlook honest mistakes. Mikayla said “isn’t that showing favoritism?” I told her “No, its not favoritism, it’s Grace” I explained to her that grace is when someone gives us something we don’t deserve. Like when God saves us, we are given all his grace. Then all os a sudden, Mikayla said, “oh never mind, here is my notebook under this stuff in the van, I wonder how it got here?” It may have been there all along, or maybe God reached down and put it there for her. Either way “Grace”