Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Dont forget the Milk! Planning for Success Part#2

Have you ever went to the local grocer to purchase you groceries without a list? I bet everyone has. Have you ever gotten home only to find that you forgot something you needed? I can tell you I'm guilty. What I do is this; if there are more than three things I need, Write it down. What if its just four items.... sorry got to write it down. This is planning for success in most simple terms. Do I know what I need? You bet I do. Do I still forget, Yep, thats why I write a list.

In the same way, that I need a grocery list, we need a plan for our lives. Let me ask, If you've never experienced your success, how ya gonna know how to get there without a plan? If you've got a plan that isn't written down, how are you going to make sure you follow that plan? So the first step for this principle is "Get A PLAN"

What if part of my plan changes you may ask? ok Change the details, dont change the plan. Why? Its simple for example lets say we have a family budget of $1,000.00 per month. We set aside 500.00 for Mortgage, 200.00 for power, 50.00 for gas and water, 100.00 for clothes, and 150.00 for food. Ok the electricity bill comes in and its 225.00, do we throw out our whole plan? NO!, we adjust our figures in the most reasonable places, maybe we take the 25.00 from the grocery budget...

Ok next... how do I plan? Answer... baby steps. For example if I want to become a doctor.... ok College 4 years, medical school 4 years, Medical boards... you get the picture right. What if its not that simple? Plan for what you know.. the rest will come!

Tony Robbins said "How am I going to live today in order to create the tomorrow I'm committed to?" the answer is "Get A PLAN"

We can be a total succes if 1. We take responsibility for our lives 2. We Decide to Succede 3. We choose success by "GET A PLAN"

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